10 Dangerous Pictures that Almost Got Their Photographers Killed


Dangerous Pictures that Almost Got Killed Their Photographers: A picture worths a thousand million dollar defining a photographer’s life. Surely, photographers will often go extremes to get the perfect shot.

For some, these pictures might help to make their careers, but with a lot of risks involved in it and yeah maybe too much. War and wildlife photographers are mostly at the highest risk because they can be in danger areas. While many people have died in these situations, some are alive to share their stories.

1. Atif Saeed Was Almost Killed By A Furious Lion

Atif saeed
Via: Earthporm.com

When wildlife photographer Atif Saeed was snapping pictures of the lion and he attacked him. The incident is of a wildlife park in Lahore, Pakistan. When Saeed found the lion, he was driving around the park.

He went by his side, got out of his vehicle, and started taking pictures. He was about 3 meters (10 feet) away at that time when that lion didn’t appreciate his presence and attacked him.

Saeed took lovely pictures of the lion before hopping into his Jeep. He probably escaped because he left the door open of the vehicle, possibly he was expecting the lion to attack him.

Later he said the whole incident was hilarious and especially after he was lucky to rescue. But at the same time also made one promise – to never put himself in such a situation anymore because it was too deadly.

2. Tracey Shelton Almost Died After An Armored Tank Fired At Her Position

Syrian Rebel
Via: listverse.com

The incident dates back to the year 2012 when Tracey Shelton was there to have coverage of Syrian Civil War. There, she was almost killed by a shell fired by a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) tank.

3. Andy Grimm Was Shot By A Police Officer Who Mistook His Tripod For A Rifle

Via: petapixel.com

September 4, 2017, the night where photojournalist Andy Grimm went to a traffic stop in Ohio and had the desire to take some pictures. The time he took out his tripod, he was shot by Clark County Deputy Jake Shaw, who had mistaken the tripod for an assault rifle.

Andy Grimm
Via: Whio.com

4. Mark Laita Took A Photo Of Himself As He A Deadly Black Mamba Bitten Him

Mark Laita
Via: Boredpanda.com

The black mamba is one of the deadliest snakes in the world. A bite will kill a person in a few hours.
Many people do not live after the bite of this type of snake. In 2012, when he survived from its bite, photographer Mark Letta became one of those few people who were alive.

The interesting thing is that Laita took a photo of the snake, the moment it bit him.

5. Ugandan Soldiers Beaten James Akena For Taking Pictures During An Anti-Government Protest

Photojournalist James Akena was attacked Ugandan soldiers on August 20, 2018, as he took photographs during anti-government protests.

A frightening video shot by another person shows one soldier approach Akena and starts beating him with a cane. Two other people joined the soldier, one of whom also had a cane.

James Akena
Via: Theinsider.ug

6. Willis Chung Dropped His Camera When A One-Ton Bison Came After Him

Willis Chung
Via: mediasubs.ru, Willis Chung

Another wildlife photographer, Willis Chung found himself save when an animal attacked him. This time, it was a tonne Bison.

Chung was taking pictures in Yellowstone National Park when all of a sudden, one animal ran towards him.

Via: blogspot.com

The man continued to take pictures while the bison was running at him. At a certain point, the animal was very close to him. The photographer finally ran and left his tripod-mounted camera behind.

7. When Gorilla Was Almost In Full Form To Punch Christophe Courteau

A Gorilla Almost Punches Christophe Courteau
Via: Earthtouchnews.com

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Photographer Christophe Courteau was almost punched by a gorilla that he was taking photos of, at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

When he and some other photographers were taking photos of Gorilla army, the leader of the troop from gorilla family, 250 kilograms (550 lb) animal named Akarevuro, attacked Courteau.

The injury was not serious for Courteau and only ended up with a small scar on his head. However, he felt like he had been hit by a train.

8. An Unwelcome Rhino Pranks Jonathan Pledger

Via: listverse.com

In South Africa, Jonathan Pledger was taking photographs of wildlife at Kruger National Park, when a white rhinoceros charged at him.

Unlike other people, Pledger didn’t know that a wild animal was around. He only realized that he was in danger when he heard the murmuring of nearby bushes. A rhino jumped out of a bush and started running towards the photographer.

Pledger didn’t run. Rather running, he continued taking pictures as the rhino came closer. The animal either felt shy or just changed its mind as it came closer to Pledger. After some time, rhino ran back to the bushes. Later, Pledger said that he was afraid when the rhino charged.

10. Mohammed Shaffi, Almost Killed By Fiery Somalians After The US Army Gunship Attack

Mohammed Shaffi
Via: listverse.com

Mohammed Shaffi was a cameraman, not a photographer when he was almost killed by a mob during the Somali Civil War. Though, a soundman and three photographers who were with Shaffi were killed.

Mohammad Shafi was not a photographer, but a cameraman who was almost killed by a mob during the Somali Civil War. However, a sound person and three photographers who were with Shaffi were killed.

The journalists were taking pictures and shooting videos when the angry mob gathered at the scene and suddenly attacked them.

The journalists ran away in different directions, and the mob went after them. Shaffi was beaten and people were throwing stones as he ran. Shaffi found his escape when he jumped into a vehicle filled with some Somali men.

They thought they were returning to his hotel until they drove past his hotel and continued towards the market. Eventually, men released Shafi when they realized he was a Kenyan Muslim. They initially thought that he was a Pakistani Christian.

10. A Warlord Declared that Ron Haviv Wanted For Disclose War Crimes

Via: listverse.com

Photographer Ron Haviv almost lost his life for taking pictures that were found suspicious fighters in the Serbian Tigers unit of war crimes during the 1992 Bosnian War.

The most historic was the picture of a fighter hitting the body of a woman whom his colleagues had just killed.

It was the scene of all killing, Haviv was with paramilitary members when one Serbian fighter soon walked up to death and kicked their bodies. Haviv took this picture.

But the fighters saw him taking pictures and their commander, Zeljko Raznjatovic (aka Arkan) collected the film from Haviv and promised to return the processed photographs.

The fighter, Arkan didn’t realize that Haviv had swapped the film roll and hidden the one containing evidence of the war crimes. Later, Haviv published the pictures.

This made Arkan anger, who vowed to kill Haviv. Some of Arkan’s fighters would later arrest other photographers after realizing the mistake that they are not Haviv.

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