Curious Facebook Research app invites extreme anger of Apple

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Curious Facebook Research app invites extreme anger of Apple: In response to the practice of Facebook of paying users giving access to their device usage through the app, Apple expressed anxiety feeling in its own way; by disabling the company from distributing the controversial ‘Research App’.

As per the latest technology news, Apple also appears to have stopped Facebook from worrying all apps connected with its enterprise developer programme.

The app came under the violation of App Store guidelines of Apple. The company lets developers publish certain apps for their own employees but not to the public due to their excessive control over the user data.

Very clearly, Facebook abused the guidelines to disturb the Research App to obtain usage data through non-employees.

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With the restrictions of Apple, all special editions of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp that Facebook employees use for testing, they will not work on iPhones.

This also means that other internal Facebook apps including workplace are not working on iOS.

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In fact, Apple broke Facebook internally. The company confirmed that its internal applications are affected by the decision and it is working with the iPhone manufacturer to solve the problem.