Crowd Gives A Standing Ovation As Trump Cited The Need To Stand Together And Fight Against ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’. Twitter Is Raging With Memes!

Ouch! That would have pricked, or burnt? Maybe? Our neighbour PM, who is currently neighbouring our PM as well in Texas, would be in dire need of Burnol after hearing President Trump’s Speech!

While addressing over 50,000 Indian-Americans in Houston’s NRG stadium, American President Donald Trump emphasized on the need of coming together and fighting against ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’, to which, surprisingly, he got a standing ovation!

Yeah, I mean after Modi Ji’s sugar coating, we expected some kind of return from him!   You go, Mr Trump!

Anyway here’s how Twitter celebrated:

Well, after hearing Trump’s speech, Howdy Neighbour? 


Pragati Pal
I am an Engineer by degree and a creative content writer by profession. I am an avid reader and Sarcasm is my forte.

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