Cricketer Mohammed Shami Under Accusation Of Torture, Cheating By Wife

Cricketer Mohammed Shami


Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has accused his wife Hasin jahan, where he has been accused of extra-marital affair. They say that Shami has relationships with many women. Many of which are foreigners. Hasin, who allegedly shared mobile screen shots of his conversation with other women of Shami on his Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Shami is in Dharamshala now. There is no response from them on this.

Sexual assault allegations


According to Hasin, she has many evidence against her husband. Which proves the Shami’s Extra Marital Affair. Many of her girls also have foster relationships. Shami attacked him after returning from South Africa. Please tell that Shami is playing Devdhar Trophy in Dharamsala.

What evidence did you offer?

In the evidence presented against Shami by the alleged Facebook account of Hasin where Shami has got screen shots of chat with girls from the mobile. In which obscene things are said.

Also sharing photos of some foreign women, Shami’s girlfriends have been shared. All these posts have been done within the last two days.

‘Girl’ invited to video calling while bathing’

Hasin said in the conversation with the news channel, “Wherever the match is done, she (Shami) calls the girls. Then she asks the girls to take a bath while bathing.”

“Shami runs BMW, he got 4 condoms under his seat, he went to Dubai, where girls were called in the room.”

Shami was on the target of fundamentalist by sharing photos with the Wife

In June 2014, Shamie was married to Hasin from Kolkata. This couple has a daughter Ayra. There is a model where Shami’s Wife Hasin has lived.

Shami has come to the target of fundamentalists several times by sharing photos with his wife.

Who is Mohammed Shami?

Mohammad Shami, who lives in UP, is a fast bowler in the Indian cricket team. In 2005, at the age of 16, he became a cricketer in Kolkata. Where he started playing cricket from the Dalhousie Athletics Club.

Shami has two brothers and a younger sister. Both of his brothers are also cricketer. However, the elder brother later had to take care of father’s business due to illness.

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After this Shami himself tweeted about it, see the tweet below

Shami’s father Tausif Ali was a fast bowler in his time, although he could not move ahead when the facilities were not there. His tractor’s spare parts shop was there.

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