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COVID-19: Twitter Comes Up With Hilarious Memes After Modi Ji Asks To Light Up The Nation On 5 April

PM Modi on 3 April shared a video message for the nation where he urged people to light up diyas, candles or flashlights to overcome the dark times with brightness. He appealed to the people to do it in April at 9 PM for 9 minutes.

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The global pandemic Coronavirus has taken many lives and the death rate is increasing constantly. To fight the tough times of this darkness that Coronavirus has brought towards us Modi Ji asked people to replace it with light. He also asked to switch off the artificial lights and use diyas, candles and flashlights to spread the brightness.

However, marking the important message he also said that nobody should come outside their home as they did during the Junyta Curfew.

 “You don’t have to go out on the streets and in the colonies, but do it from your doorsteps and balconies,”

PM Modi’s Appeal On 5 April At 9 PM For 9 Minutes:

Twitter Came Up With Funny Memes:

So lets all pledge to fight hard against Coronavirus.

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