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Coronavirus Updates: Maharashtra Police Tweets Nursery Rhyme To Aware People

On Monday, Maharashtra police used Twitter to spread awareness about the deadly Coronavirus. However, the way was very creative and attractive that the police department used.

The Maharashtra Police shared a post on the official Twitter handle. In the post, popular nursery rhyme, Johny Johny Yes Papa, is written with Coronavirus twist.

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The image text is,

“Johnny Johnny, Yes, Papa. Going out? No Papa. Sharing forwards? No Papa. Washing your hands? Ya ya, ya.”

Moreover, Maharashtra police gave a caption to the post-

“Johnny is not telling lies for once! Be like Johnny. #StayHomeStaySafe,”

So, Let’s Look At The Tweet Here:

The creative tweet of Maharashtra police highlights some important factors that everyone must follow amid Coronavirus. For instance, going outside of the home is not allowed, until necessary. Unverified forwarded messages and humor are also not allowed. Moreover, to combat with the novel Coronavirus, washing hands frequently is most crucial.

The creative and attractive tweet got various comments such as “OMG… Very fantastic, fabulous.. superb creativity,” a user wrote. “Ha, ha, ha, he nice message, thanks.”

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The police department does every possible thing to save our lives from the novel Coronavirus. So, it’s our responsibility to respect their efforts and stay in our homes!

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