Coronavirus Update: Safety Tips For Those At The Workplace

As per the latest coronavirus update, there are 418 cases in India that have further raised the tension among the public. Due to fast-growing cases, GOI has announced a lockdown all over the country as one of the preventive measures to fight the coronavirus disease. All the schools, malls, hotels, restaurants, public places, and parks are closed.

Even employees are said to work from home but few professionals like doctors, hospital staff, bank employees have to work respectively from the offices. Since these are on the front lines and are more likely to get infected( if come in contact with the virus) thus the fear among their families has doubled.

Therefore, it is highly necessary for them to adopt all the precautions and remain extra careful during the working hours. Here are a few safety tips for you if you have to travel to the workplace even during the lockdown.

Prevention Against Coronavirus Disease At The Workplace

Wash Your Hands

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The general precaution that experts from all over the world are suggesting should be strictly followed at the workplace. So, wash your hands at least for 20 seconds and as much as you can.

And if you don’t have a habit of washing hands frequently, then set a reminder. Moreover, it’s just not your responsibility but the employers should also remind their employees and colleagues to wash hands.

Besides washing hands, use a hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face at any cost. This rule is the same for those who are working remotely. It is because not only a person with symptoms of coronavirus disease can be the carrier but the asymptomatic patient is also the carrier.

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Cover Your Mouth

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Coronavirus symptoms are the same as that of common flu symptoms so it’s difficult to figure out who is infected and who’s not. The best practice is to always cover your mouth while sneezing. Use a tissue paper always when you sneeze.

Ask your colleagues to do the same if they don’t carry a handkerchief or tissue with them. Remind them again and again if they have a cold to use a tissue paper.

Avoid Shaking Hands

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Of course, social distancing is not possible at the workplace but you should avoid it as much s possible. Avoid shaking hands with others or standing too close to them. In queues, ask everyone to stand a few distances away.

Avoid all the common practices of greetings at all costs. That’s something you can do at your best to fight against the coronavirus disease.

Online Meetings

Adopt online solutions for conducting important meetings and communication. This ensures that employees don’t gather at one place to perform group activities. As a result, everyone will come in less contact reducing the risk of infection.

Boost Immunity

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Coronavirus disease is mostly seen in those with weak immunity. So, it’s very essential that you eat foods that strengthen your immunity. Avoid foods from outside and processed foods. Bring your own lunch and also include immunity-boosting foods in your diet.

Citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, yogurt, garlic, kiwi, papaya, green tea, almonds, red bell pepper, and more are foods that boost your immunity. Besides this, drink water more and keep yourself warm. The foods should be prepared in good hygiene to further reduce the risk of coronavirus disease.

Disposable Wipes

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Even if you don’t come in contact with an infected person, the contaminated surfaces can make you infected. Moreover, the latest coronavirus update says that viruses can survive on any surface, plastic or steel, and even cardboard too. Therefore, it is very important to wipe the surfaces well.

At workplaces, doorknobs, devices, tablets, and other surfaces are frequently touched. So, make routine environmental cleaning a habit. Even employees should clean their devices using disposable wipes before each use. Also, avoid touching surfaces as much as you can.

These 6 safety tips for you are necessary to follow to avoid the risk of infection. Remember, coronavirus disease is contagious and one infected person can make a thousand-person infected too. So, it is the responsibility of every person to follow the preventive measures strictly.

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