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Coronavirus Turned You Insomniac? Here’s Why It’s Hard To Get A Good Night Sleep These Days

We all know that coronavirus pandemic has been fast spreading in the world as well as in India. Most of the businesses all over the world have come to a standstill. Many have resorted to working from home or are on leave. Their daily routine has been disturbed. The main thing which it has affected is our sleep. Many are having trouble falling asleep. Let’s see what can be the reasons for this during the lockdown.

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Our diet has gone through a lot of changes during this period. As we have got fewer things to do, we are concentrating only on eating. Is it healthy eating, no? We have started to snack on junk, salty, or caffeine. This affects our sleep. After eating them, one can’t sleep deeply. So we have to change our eating pattern a little.

Media Time:

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Generally, these days we spend the whole day on media. We might watch corona news on T.V or operate the mobile. Even some who are on work from home are on up to their laptops. This is bad for your mental as well as physical health. Overconsumption may give you trouble falling asleep. By limiting your social media time, you can get some amount of relief.

Limited Movement:

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Due to the announcement of lockdown, one is confined to home most of the time. Before this one had some sort of physical activity like walking some distance while going to the office, going to the gym, etc. but at home, one has become a couch potato. Even our energies are less consumed. Hence we feel less sleepy or tired. We find trouble falling asleep. For this, it is recommended to do some workout inside the four walls of your home. This way, you will feel tired and fall asleep.


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Due to many businesses shut down temporarily, stress and anxiety levels have gone up. Many are sitting at home in the great depression. There s tension in such families whose incomes have come to a standstill. Now the only solution is to wait till the effect of pandemic reduces, and everything comes back to normalcy.

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Again lack of social interaction can also cause trouble falling asleep. But lockdown is essential to crib this pandemic. India has already announced a lockdown of 40 days, and rumors are that they can extend it further. So keeping in mind all the above factors is the only solution to your sleep trouble.

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