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Coronavirus Scare: Schools Shut Down Till April 2 In Uttar Pradesh

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak Govt has shut down many schools, colleges, and institutes. Any gathering of more than 200 people has been restricted. Yogi Adityanath, CM of Uttar Pradesh has released an order to shut down schools till 2nd April.

The global spreading virus has scared the whole world and govt is taking strict actions to prevent the virus from spreading. Shutting down schools, closing malls, and theatres are one of the steps to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

Via: Scroll.in

Nearly  1,80,000 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported positive from all over the world. In India, 125 positive cases have been reported.

Earlier the UP govt shutdown schools order till March 22, but now it has extended up to 2 April.

According to the government spokesman, all ongoing examinations have also been stalled for the time being. The state government has further ordered the closure of all tourist destinations in order to prevent congregation of people at a particular spot.

A ban has been imposed on any kind of protests and gatherings as a preventive measure from COVID-19. Many political, social gatherings have been canceled by the govt.

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