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Coronavirus Scare Pet Owners More During Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

In the period of coronavirus self-quarantine, pet owners are worried about their furry friends. Now, they would be spending most of the time with their pets, so the worries are more. Although there is no news of any pet getting infected, still nothing can be said.

Thus, pet owners are in self-doubt and asking questions like- should I go close to my pet? What about quarantine ‘walks’ dogs? Read further to get rid of all the pet-related concerns during coronavirus self-quarantine.

What Should Pet Owners Do Amid Coronavirus Self-quarantine?

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After the death of a dog in Hong Kong due to coronavirus infection, the stress among pet owners doubled. The owner of the pet was infected, but there was no evidence of the dog being infected.

The dog was, however, tested five times, and the report said: “weak positive,” after which the vet sent them home. Luckily, the owner is recovered, but the dog never showed symptoms of getting infected. Even the reports did not emphasize him getting infected. Only an autopsy report could have figured out the truth, but the owner refused for autopsy.

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So, the cause is unknown, but the WHO is still not sure whether pets can be the carrier of viruses or not. But expert vets said that dog hygiene still matters as there is the possibility that viruses can survive on their furs.

Wash hands whenever you touch the pets, bath them daily, and avoid the pet-owner love sessions( kissing and hugging the pets). Experts suggest the owners take precautions out of uncertainty.

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Quarantine ‘Walks’ Dog

quarantine'walks' dog

Taking your dog for a regular walk is not at all a problem unless you are ordered to follow a strict coronavirus self-quarantine. Your dog needs fresh air for better well-being, just like you. But make sure that you and your pet stay away from other people when in public. Keep the distance six feet from people and pets on the way.

But those who are in strict coronavirus self-quarantine need to train their pet. Pee pads are best for them during that time. At first, it would be difficult for you to train your dog for a pee pad, but once they get used to it, things will be reasonable. Make situations healthy for them.

However, avoid pet socialization as social distancing is better for both you and your pet at this peak time. Contrary to going for quarantine ‘walks’ dog, avoid putting tight masks on your dog’s face. It could cause breathing issues in them.

The key is to maintain hygiene in pets, even if they show no symptoms. Also, wash hands and the surfaces you and your pet come in contact with when coming home from outside.

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