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Coronavirus: Pakistani Man Steals Hand Sanitizer From ATM, Video Going Viral

Amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus, people are doing everything possible to protect themselves from falling ill. From wearing masks  to cleaning hands with soap and water, people are taking each precaution.

Like India, Coronavirus has stepped its foot in neighboring countries. In Pakistan, People are also worried and taking every possible precaution. Meanwhile, a video is going viral from pakistan which is too fun to watch.

Due to Coronavirus, Hand Sanitizer are being sold in bulk. In such a situation, there is a shortage of sanitizer. A video is going viral on Twitter, in which a person is seen stealing a hand sanitizer from an ATM. This video has been shared by Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat. He also wrote in the caption, “When you feel that no one is watching you.”

It can be seen in the video that the person first gets the money from the ATM machine and then bends down and picks up the hand sanitizer. Slowly he puts it inside his jacket’s pocket. Stepping out slowly, he escapes.

Watch the video beneath:

As soon this video goes online, memers and other people have hilarious reaction to it. Have a look below:

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What are your opinions on this video?

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