Coronavirus Curve Has Flattened In These Countries, They’re All Led By Women

As we know, the world struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic, social media has come up with one note. The note is that “Women are significantly better at handling a crisis better.”

Various social media posts went popular, describing that there’s one factor that combines the countries that are reducing the curve. Thus, the factor is women.

Pictures of these lady leaders at the forefront of the fighting with deadly Covid-19 went viral across all the social networking sites.

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There are some facts about the viral image. Here’s what the report says.

New Zealand: When Prime Minister Jacinda Arden led New Zealand, the number of cases has been reducing in the country. A Washington Post headline said how

“New Zealand isn’t just flattening the curve. It’s squashing it.”

From the last two days, the number of positive cases has reduced. Apart from that, testing has been increasing, and 54 confirmed cases found Tuesday via testing. That shows the number of recovered people is more than the number of confirmed cases.

The policies of Arden depend on one statement she made:

“Act like you have coronavirus.”

She told her people,

“Every move you then make is a risk to someone else. That is how we must all collectively think. That’s why the joy of physically visiting other family, children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors is on hold.”

Germany: The country is too healed when it comes to Angela Merkel hands. Germany has a total number of 118,235 cases, and 52, 407 people have recovered. Out of the total cases, the Germany ratio stands at 94% recoveries.

Miss Angela had requested people to adopt social distancing as nearly as March 12, displaying how this disease is dangerous.

Belgium: Led by Prime Minister Sophie Wimes, their date rate has reduced to 50%. Well, there is no slowing down, but has a 67% recovery rate in current cases.

Wilmes also announced a lockdown as the death cases reached 10. But the clarification was the main part of her emergency.

She said:

“Citizens are asked to stay at home in order to avoid most contacts, except for going to the doctor, to shop for food, the post office, a bank, pharmacy, petrol station, or to help someone in need,” she said. She also issued a warning, “Businesses could be fined if they break the new rules, and foreign travel that is not “indispensable” is banned until at least April 5.”

Finland: Prime Minister Sanna Marin, led Finland. Since April 6, the daily death rate has dropped. Moreover, the recovery rate reached 80% in 300 closed cases.

Iceland: Led by Kartin Jakobsdóttir, we have found a 99% recovery rate ( 688 recoveries in 694 cases. Apart from that, since 2 April, the number of daily cases has been dropping.

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Denmark: From April 6, the recorded number of daily cases has been dropping ( from 390 to 233 on April 9). Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minister, has even announced to reopen schools and daycare centers on April 15.

So, Mette Frederiksen, Sanna Marin, Sophie Wimes, Angela Merkelare, Jacinda Arden are the real examples of women empowerment.

Hillary Clinton said,

“The future is female,” made global headlines, and even though the actual slogan dates back over 40 years, it is time to accept it.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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