Coming Smartwatches 2017: Next-Gen Smart Watches On The Rise!


    watches rolex, These days’ smartwatches are becoming very popular most of the manufacturers of the smartphones are now extremely excited to launch their smart watches because of increasing demand in the smartwatches market. Some of the Smartphone makers have launched their smartwatches, now they are eager to upgrade its variants.

    No one can deny that upcoming smatwatches as it is the most modern gadget of coming future. After sometimes even it can replace the Smartphone’s. Have a short look at the below smartwatches that are expected to launch in 2017 to 2018.

    HTC halfbeak”

    It is the upcoming android wear. The images are leaked of this smartwatch. It comes with OLED screen along pixels resolutions with 360×360.  But currently it is not at all confirmed that it will come with any kind of protection for its screen, however we believe that that it must come with a Gorilla Glass protection.

    The finishing and the quality of HTC Half beak is just best, you can watch this in the images too. Still the complete design is still under development and yet not finished.

    Google’s Smart watch:

    Swordfish and Angelfish, these are two coming new smartwatches from Google, it is a rumor right now. Both the wearables will be launched in this year; this is announced by the market. The date of launch is expected somewhere in only as it looks that Google can do quite late in upcoming smartwatches launch.
    Via: Appcessories


    It is mentioned through Android police that Angelfish watch will be 42mm, 44mm sizes.  The device come packed with LTE connectivity, GPS that feels really interesting. There also be one heart monitor, this allows you to check your heart rate.

    Sword fish:

    This smartwatch will come with bezel circular display, as compare to Angelfish.  You will find one single button not like to the other Angelfish. But, the procedure still not clear, it also come with a GPS, LTE and the most important its heart rate censor that makes it better than angelfish.

    Microsoft surface watch:

    This one is also currently highlight in the news as of its rumors. It is said that this smartwatch is also coming soon.

    Oneplus Smartwatch:

    Now you may get confused, right? Here we all are discussing about one plus smartwatch. This time the situation of market is dynamic, it gets suddenly changes as per the condition, and also as per new technology, but the most significant is as per human demand.
    Via: Sony

    Sony Smartwatch:

    It is a huge success, and now the company is looking for the game changer, which becomes the best coming watch then rest SmartWatches. Its launch date is still not decided, but according to its rumors may be the hit date can be 2017 of September.