Here Are Comfort Foods That People Are Eating Around The Globe

Firstly here let you know what Comfort Food is. Comfort Food is the food which might not be the healthy one but the one which provides happiness when eaten and is enjoyable. You can also say that it provides comfort that no other food can. Different people may have different Comfort Food. On the basis of countries here we serve you some of the famous Comfort food of Countries.

Comfort Food of Greece(MOUSSAKA):


Moussaka is a Greece food; it is a serious comfort food there. The main ingredients of the food are Eggplant or potatoes, minced meat. The food is delicious with cucumber, parsley, and mint salad and crusty bread. The food is served at both hot and cold temperatures.

Comfort Food of French(French onion soup):

French-Onion-Soup-served-in-white-bowls-featured (1)

As per the name, the soup is based on onions, but one more thing a meat stock. The soup is topped with cheese on a large piece of bread. Nothing is more comforting than warm french onion soup.

Comfort Food of India(Khichdi):


This highly nutritious food made by mixing lentils and rice. It also has variations from bajra to moong dal khichdi. Usually, it in Indian culture is one of the first solid foods eaten by babies, but all love the food. The food is served at a hot temperature.

Comfort food of Canada(Poutine):


You must try this food if you are a fan of french fries. This food includes french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. 

Comfort Food of USA(Grilled Cheese Sandwich):


The sandwich requires two pieces of bread and melted cheese in between them. This crispy food is also served with tomato soup. The dish contains high calories in it. As per the name, it is tasty both when you look and eat. 

Comfort Food of Sri Lanka(Kottu Roti):

Comfort Food of Sri Lanka(Kottu Roti):

The dish has roti and vegetables as the main ingredients. Some also prefer to have chicken and meat in it. The hot Kottu Roti is delicious served at a hot temperature. 

These foods are some of Comfort Foods from the world. But many people have tried their country’s comfort food. We hope you will be trying some of these delicious food/dishes.

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