Colour Coded: What Your Aura Colour Tells About Your Personality?

Aura colours reveal information about your feelings, thoughts, dreams, and emotions. The aura colours and meaning vary like auras can be dark or light shades, and they can be bright or dim. When knowing an aura colour, you must consider the shade of colour to be precise.

All living things spread out an aura from the energy they release. Only expert and God-gifted people can see these special colours and vibrations.

So, if you want to know about aura colours and their meaning read this content. Here we’ve mentioned 5 aura colours and their meanings. Let’s have a look:

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You are likely a fiery and active person if the colour of your aura is red. Red auras show someone who is fast at putting thoughts and plans into action.



Orange is the sacral chakra, which deals with sexual and creative energy. This colour in the aura may reveal flowing creative energy.

Plus, orange shows someone who prefers to get lessons from experiences, not theories.



Yellow auras show someone who is charismatic and sunny. They also have an attractive personality that attracts many different people.

Yellow is related to the solar plexus chakra, which deals with your confidence and identity. Having a yellow in your aura is a sign that you’re feeling empowered and confident.



Green is the heart chakra’s color, which deals with the matter of heart like forgiveness and compassion. Self-love and love for others.

You probably love nature and music, if you have green in your aura. Plus, aura shows a particularly open heart.



If you’ve pink in your aura, you likely live from the heart. You are loving, caring, and kind. The pink is also related to the heart chakra.



People praise one with purple auras as this colour is associated with sensitivity, strong intuition, and great mental depths.

Purple is related to the third-eye chakra. So, if your aura is purple, you may have some powerful, psychic, or intuitive abilities.

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