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Coffee Table Styling Brilliant ways: The Centerpiece of Your Living Room

Coffee table styling is not a complex process. Coffee table decor complements the living room aesthetically. By applying just few tips and tricks, you can make a luxurious coffee table look without burning a hole in your pocket. Every person wants to have a visually appealing coffee table at their home for creating an inviting and welcoming ambiance for the guests. In this post, you will find a range of different tips and tricks to style your coffee table and give it a finished look.

What is a coffee table?

A coffee table is placed at a lower position mainly used for keeping beverages, remote control, books, magazines, etc. They are made from wood, metal, glass, stainless steel, aluminium and so on.

History of coffee table

They have their origin from the British era. During those times, it was mainly used for placing teac cups as tea was a popular beverage that time. Earlier, they were built taller but as time progressed these were made of low height that was used to place candles, books, tea or coffee.

coffee table styling tips

Advantages of using coffee tables in your living room

  • It fills up the void in the room and helps to put together the furniture together.
  • It provides you with ample storage space so that you can easily keep your belongings while having a cup of tea or coffee.
  • It reflects your personality and style. Spruce up the coffee table with decorative accessories, different colors, to brighten up the space.
  • It gives an ethnic look to your living room area.
  • You can relax and chill with your friends and family in a stylish coffee table.
  • It suits every type of room decor and interior design.
  • These are functional and can be used for keep any item or thing.

Coffee table styling tips

Display things around the table

You can keep different materials and objects around the coffee table to create a profound look and make it look charming. Some books, decorative showpieces, flower vase and other items give it a nice soothing appeal. However, make sure to not clutter the table with too many things as it creates a messy and unorganized look. The key is to pick few pieces that complement the design and overall aesthetics of the room.

Keep a tray

A tray displayed on the coffee table serves both the purpose of storing different items as well as a give the look of a showpiece. You can also place a scented candle near the tray to give it a visually appealing design. Furthermore, you can include a small vase of flower pot to nurture the ambiance with beautiful nature and create a calming look. This makes your space much more inviting and welcoming.

Include other items

Give a magnifying effect and maximize the impact of the room. You can include all kinds of metals such as glass, ceramics, metal and other materials to give it a cohesive and beautiful look. These items add a texture to the overall design and pattern, thereby making it visually appealing to the eyes. Make sure to use minimal items that do not overpower the main theme of the room.

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Display books and magazines

Interior designers use the coffee table as the focal point of the room to display books, magazines, brochures and other things. Books add a great dimension to the coffee table styling and make it elite. Not only do books and magazines add an aesthetic appeal to the coffee table, but they also provide guests with something to read and enjoy while they relax in the room. Additionally, choosing books that reflect your personal interests or hobbies can also serve as a conversation starter for visitors.


To give it a personal touch, customize the coffee table styling as per your preferences and choices. You can keep an album of your recent travel, collage of your favourite movie star, or DVDs of the special family occasions and festivals. Incorporating these things make it much more personalized and gives a subtle effect on the space.

Combine different colors

Include different colors and shades to give it a vibrant look. You can add green, purple, as well as shades of golden, brown, silver to add a classy appeal to the coffee table styling. Instead of keeping fresh flowers or plants, keep artificial plants on the table so that maintenance is easy and hassle-free. In addition to it, you can also add some decorative items like candles, coasters, or a tray to make it look more appealing. Do focus on the overall theme and style of your room while selecting the accessories for your coffee table.

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Keep tapered candles on the table

Not only do these candles add brightness to the room, but they also add height to the table and improve its dimensions. You can even surround the table with rattan trays and baskets to give it a vintage look and feel. To create a cozy atmosphere, try adding some soft textiles, such as a table runner or cloth napkins. Also, incorporating fresh flowers or greenery in a vase can add a pinch of color and natural element to the table.

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Coffee table styling gives the room a complete makeover and adds functionality to the design. Every person loves coffee. Keep a coffee table to improve the aesthetical value of the room as well as keep a storage space for items. These are versatile and are available in different shapes and sizes to suit every home’s requirement.

From sleek and modern to warm and contemporary, you can choose the design as per your choice and the interior design of your living room. Coffee table styling not only add functionality to your living room but also serve as a focal point for social gatherings. They can be used to display decorative items or hold drinks and snacks during parties.

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