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CNG Cars Vs. EV; Which One To Buy?

There was a time when CNG cars were hailed as the most eco-friendly vehicle one can purchase. The guarantee of lower emissions and reduced running price were, and also it is a buzzing matter as it carries the complete cylinder in its boot. 

Electric Vehicle is becoming famous nowadays, as it is more budget-friendly as compared to fuel type. There are various benefits associated with it leading to a choice of various customers.

Here is a comparison of CNG and Electric vehicles by which you can clear your concept to go for the one.

Reasons To Buy A CNG Vehicle


You can go for a CNG Vehicle if you are on a high daily or monthly running. You may have to pay some extra amount for the same, but this can also be recovered in a very short span of time. Also, the lower emissions from this vehicle are a plus. 

You need not worry about the options as the manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Tata Motors are there to provide you the CNG-fitted models at a very good price.

Why You Shouldn’t Have A CNG Vehicle? 

The very first thing which stops you to buy a CNG vehicle is the limited number of CNG-filling stations. Sometimes you have to go a little far for refilling it. It doesn’t make sense if you are spending an hour and a lot of energy roaming around for the station. 


The second thing is that you may have to pay extra for a roof carrier to store bigger bags and suitcases because the car occupies most of the space of the car. 

The minimum requirement for the car is to go 50 km a day and about 2,000 km a month. If you are not a daily person, then the CNG Vehicle is not recommended for you at all. 

Reasons To Have An EV


The main advantage of having an EV is that it is very affordable than any other type of fuel vehicle. Another benefit leading to buying the car is that it runs silently and it is the type of car that will make a statement in your garage. 

You will not have to worry about servicing. The service cost is not so expensive as there are only a few parts that need to be updated or replaced. 

Why You Shouldn’t Have An EV?


There is still a limited station for electric vehicle charging. And you may face the same problem of roaming around. You can’t plan long road trips if you are not going to have any charging stations. 

One more factor stopping you to have the car is its longevity. At the same time, the manufacturers are providing about eight years warranty on the battery, but the real condition of batteries has not been established. 

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These were the reason for buying as well as not buying the CNG and EV Vehicles. 

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