China: Picture Of Drunk Elephants Sleeping Peacefully In Tea Garden Goes Viral


As we all know the outbreak of Coronavirus has locked down many countries and one of them is China where the virus first broke. The people have gone under quarantine and many pictures of animals have come up who are enjoying their time outside.

A herd of 14 elephants came near the village in Yunan, China on March 11. Two of the elephants’ picture got captured where they can be seen sleeping peacefully after getting drunk.

The adorable picture was shared on Twitter by HGS Dhaliwal, an IPS officer.

How They Got Drunk?

The elephants came into the village in search of food. While searching for corn and other food items they came across corn whiskey and drank all of it. After that what happened is very well evident from the pictures.

The elephants couldn’t walk anymore and sleep in the tea gardens nearby. We all admit that this is the cutest thing we saw on the Internet today.

The Internet Was Filled With These Reactions:

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