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Chennai Couple’s 60-Ft Underwater Wedding Ceremony Set New D-Day Goals

Although stars decide our fates and soulmate but the wedding part is in our hand. But for this Chennai couple, ocean waves decided the fate as the groom’s family wanted to go for an underwater wedding ceremony.

Swetha and V Chinnadurai’s wedding was very special, environment friendly, and a new couple goal for everyone who loves scuba diving. Both bride and groom are software engineer and hails from Chennai. The groom is a passionate scuba driver who got an idea of underwater wedding from his instructor.

However, it was not easy as the couples couldn’t do it until the ocean turns calmer and coast police permit them to do so. Here’s how this unique D-day idea turned into reality.

Story Of Underwater Wedding Ceremony

underwater wedding ceremony
via: thehindu

Swetha was nervous when she first heard the idea. But after a few weeks of training she gained enough confidence to dive into the water and perform all the rituals.

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It was not the only challenge in front of couples and their family. Their wedding date was not fixed and depended completely on the ocean waves. Therefore, the invitation card was left blanked until the ocean turns calmer and they could finally begin the ceremony.

On Monday morning, few fisherman updated the couples about the ocean getting calm.  Around 7:30 the couple dived and went 60 feet under the water. Both were dressed in the traditional wedding outfit, koorai sari for bride and veshti for groom.

The entire ceremony right from the garland exchange to tying the knot got completed under 45 minutes. V.Chinnadurai even proposed Swetha during the ceremony with a bouqet. They took few rounds and came out of the water for rest of the rituals.

There were not many guests to witness the wedding ceremony. It was performed under the presence of family, priests, and instructor. The purpose of such a unique wedding was to create an awareness among people.



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