Chandrayaan 2 Mission Loosing All Hopes As 14-Day Window To Establish Connection With Vikram Lander Ends Today

Chandrayaan 2 was a mission that was constantly monitored by Indians. On 7 September Vikram Lander with Rover Pragyaan was supposed to touch down Moon’s surface. Just before 2.1 km, the connection got lost but we still had faith.

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It seems like the hopes are now fading and it’s time to say Bye to Vikram Lander housing Pragyaan Rover.

Ther lander and rover has a life of 14 earth days and that 14-day window is ending today. ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organisation) said that in these 14 days they will try to establish a connection with the lander.

The reports came where we were updated about the hard landing of the lander on Moon’s lunar surface. Later we were told by an ISRO official that the lander is intact but tilted.

 “The lander is there [on the lunar surface] as a single piece, not broken into pieces. It’s in a tilted position,” he said.

He further added:

“Progressively, you can imagine that it becomes that much more difficult, with each passing hour, the available power on the battery gets drained out, and there won’t be anything left for it to power and operate,”.

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But as the winter is approaching on Moon it will be hard for Vikram lander to survive there. The temperature will fall up to less than minus 200-degree celsius.

Probably it’s time to say goodbye to our Vikram Lander now.

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