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Central Govt Permits Doorstep Delivery Of Medicines During Coronavirus Lockdown

The Coronavirus lockdown has put the entire nation restricted to their homes. People are rushing out to the shops fearing that the govt might lock down the essential shops as well.

PM Modi announced that daily necessity shops will not be shut down. However, the people are panicking and rushing to hoard daily needs risking their lives to COVID-19 pandemic.

The central govt has made an important announcement by allowing the doorstep delivery of medicines. This decision swill makes more people stay at home who then used to step out to fetch medicines.

Ministry of Health And Family Welfare in a notification said:

“The Central Government is satisfied that retail sale of the drug to the doorstep of consumers is essential to meet the required ts of emergency arising due to pandemic COVID-19 and in the public interest, it is necessary and expedient to regulate the sale and distribution of drugs for their delivery to the consumer”

The medicines provided under this order will come under the Schedule H category, which means that no medicine will be given without a proper doctor’s prescription.

Sale of any drugs will be done via physical letter or through an email.

So far 649 cases have been reported in India, where 593 are active cases while 49 have already been cured.

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