Watch Now: Marvel Studios Releases Captain Marvel Official Trailer 2

captain marvel trailer

The wait is over,  The new Captain Marvel trailer is out, and it has already broken the internet.

Marvel Studios shared the link for the trailer on their official Twitter account and Twitterati went nuts over it. Why shouldn’t they? Brie Larson’s is just wonderful as Captain Marvel and by the conclusion of the trailer, we were left wanting for more.

In the trailer of 2.18 minutes, we get a peek into the mind of Captain Marvel who is arrested by an instinctive craving to know further about where she arrived from. She begins to ask her origin as she steadily starts remembering her time on Earth.

The film is to be directed by Anna Boden. The trailer also has Jude Law as Mar-Vell and we look at Samuel Johnson in the trailer also, although he looks much younger.

For people who have no idea, Captain Marvel is about Carol Danvers, an air force pilot whose genes become mingled with that of an alien in a disaster.

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That’s it, no more spoilers for you! But must check out the comments the trailer has received:





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