CAB Protesters Set Fire To Buses, Delhi Police Fire Tear Gas In Delhi’s Seelampur

You’ all remember one cliche ‘Whatsapp forward’ that we used to get some 4-5 years back around the time of 15th August and 26th January when patriotism is in the air?
It was something like this:

“If I’d have a chance to bring back someone from the dead I would choose Gandhi ji because the country needs him, but then seeing the condition of the country, I am not sure he would even want to come back!”

Why am I suddenly reminded of this? Well, it fits perfectly in the present scenario. Being a normal Indian I am not able to ‘recognize’ my India, how could I even expect Gandhi Ji to do so!

Delhi CAB 2019 protests
Via: Livemint

CAB 2019 protests took a violent turn when protestors in Delhi’s Seelampur started pelting stones, setting buses and cars on fire and damaging public properties. They didn’t even leave school buses!



Delhi Police retorted by firing shells and tear gas and resorting to lathi charge when nothing else worked! Numerous metro-stations were closed down, traffic halted at places owing to the violent skirmish.

Via: Firstpost

Who is responsible for this chaos? The people who are protesting or the government who is reiterating?

Or the ‘separatists’ masqueraded as ‘liberals’, who are instigating this, sitting in the comforts of their home?

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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