Bye-Bye Traditional Kadha! Kadha Chocolate Is Your New Immunity Booster

We all know that keeping immunity up is the only effective way to combat the deadly virus. And for this, we are doing so many things to improve our immunity like doing yoga, drinking Kadha and so on. But many of us are unable to drink Kadha because of its strong flavor and taste.

Are you also one who doesn’t like the taste of Kadha? Fret not because now you can consume Kadha in the form of chocolate….Kadha Chocolate. Shocking and unbelievable? But you read it right. Let’s explore more about it!

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The brainchild of Gargi Lotlikar from Mapusa, she drew her inspiration from her fussy nephew.

“ My nephew is not a big fan of Kadha. My mother had to force him to have a cup. That gave me the idea of maybe turning it into the form of chocolate or toffee. It would be a new way of encouraging kids to try Kadha while at the same ensuring they get its medicinal benefits. My husband approved and appreciated the taste, and my mother perfected the ingredients”.

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Basically, this Kadha chocolate is prepared with white chocolate and Kasai herbs and has become popular among parents. The herbs include coriander, badam powder, and lemongrass, and a few spices.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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