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Brand New Toyota Century to launch in August, this year

The New Toyota flagship is Toyota’s primary sedan and it is available at a whopping price of $151,412 in Japan. At the same time when the limo is undoubtedly captivating, many users want crossovers rather than sedans. 

Toyota has heard about the same very clearly as a Century SUV is under process. 

We have heard the rumour like this many times but this time everyone is believing this gradually as Nikkei is stating the model can be revealed at the beginning of August 2023. 

New Toyota based on Highlander


It further added that the Century SUV  can be grounded on the Highlander that is sold in North America and showcase a hybrid powertrain.  

This clearly means that it could have Toyota’s new Hybrid Max Powertrain that we can also see in the Crown pairing front and rear electric motors having a four-cylinder 2.5 litre engine generating a minimum of 340 horses.

The report further stated that the luxury SUV will be made at the company’s Tahara plant, which basically makes the Lexus vehicles. It also revealed the model will be placed above the Land Cruiser and is anticipated to be in some mid-10 million yen bar.

Know the price


Now, 15,000,000 yen is equal to $113,085 and the model will reportedly be targeted at “wealthy people over the world” along with the government officers. 

On the other hand, the publication reports Lexus will possibly introduce the LM minivan in Japan. The model was launched in China four years back and is very famous there that used LMs are much more popular than the brand new. 

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The LM starts at $171,599 and is a spacious place for seven people. A second variety Royal Edition starts at $215,750. It has two comfortable rear seats. Rear seat passengers will also get a big 26-inch display along with a refrigerator and an anchor of other 

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