By April, Boeing will release software updates for 737 Max jets

Boeing 737 max

Boeing 737 max: After fatal accidents in recent months, Boeing has promised to release software updates for its Boeing 737 Max aircraft by April.

As the result of Lion Air Flight 610 crash that took the lives of 189 people and the more recent Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 mishap that killed all 157 people onboard, Boeing has announced that it has been developing a flight control software development for the 737 max since the October crash in association with the FAA.

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Some of the advancements include updates for the Maneuvering features, including the Augmentation System (MCAS) Flight Control Law, Pilot Displays, Operation Manuals, and crew training.

The company said in the upcoming weeks, the software enhancement will be redistributed across the 737 Max fleet.

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Even though there are two separate incidences of a plane crash, experts consider Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 disasters related to and similar in nature.