Bluetooth 5.1 gets updated to support direction finding feature

bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth 5.1 gets updated to support direction-finding feature: Bluetooth, the main technology for wireless connections, will soon make it easier for you to find your TV remote.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced a new direction-finding feature for the next-generation Bluetooth 5.1 version.

This updated feature will allow devices to determine the direction of the Bluetooth signal, which will enable manufacturers to make proximity solutions that can understand the direction of the device and the Bluetooth positioning system, which will achieve centimeter-level location accuracy.

For example, this feature can be used to find solutions like luggage or missing remote to let a user know when the personal property tag is nearby, as well as the direction in which it is lying.

This special direction-feature is available for developers starting this week in version 5.1 of the Bluetooth Core Specification.

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