Bizarre News: Woman Opens Up Plane’s Emergency Exit Door Because It Was Getting Too Stuffy

We have heard people cribbing about poor service, window seat or extra leg space in the aeroplanes. But something unusual happened in a flight where a woman stood and opened the plane’s emergency exit door to let some fresh air in.

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The incident happened in Xiamen Airlines when the woman started complaining about the plane being “too stuffy”. There could have been many options to handle the stuffiness but the woman chose to open the emergency door instead during the time of boarding –Reported Hindustan Times.

Watch the Video To Know Exactly How The Incident Happened:

The cabin crew reported the incident to the police and they immediately boarded the plane and took the lady.

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The flight finally took off with an hour’s delay. After all, it’s better late than never.

Thank God she didn’t do this while flying!

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