We Bet You Never Knew: Bitter Truth Behind Zero-Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

These days people have become conscious about their health and well-being. To maintain balanced health, individuals go for exercise and consume a rich diet. The majority of the individuals these days consume zero-calorie diet for Weight Loss.

As humans are spending a lot of time in front of the computer, so, to reduce the accumulation of weight, zero-calorie diet is a must. But you will be surprised to know that, these zero-calorie foods aren’t actually made of zero calories.

This article will reveal some of the apparent zero calories food that people generally use for Weight Loss.



It is popular among Weight Loss foods as it has very few calories and helps the individual in controlling sugar-related problems. Cinnamon is a popular spice that is used as an aromatic substance and as a flavoring agent in different food recipes. When it comes to medicinal properties, Cinnamon always takes the lead as it is rich in anti-oxidants.

Sugar-free gums

Sugar Free Gums
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It is a common misconception that sugar-free gums have no calories in it and have zero sugars. However, it is not so as these chewing-gums contain approximately 5 calories. Generally, an individual consumes chewing-gums a lot and as a result, it seems counter-productive. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to one and not more than that.

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Diet Soda

Diet-Soda Drinks
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These drinks trap the individuals going for a Weight Loss. On the label of the Diet-soda, you will find that it is written that these drinks contain no sugars and zero calories. But there are some artificial sweeteners present in the drink.

These artificial sweeteners increase the calories of the individual indirectly. Moreover, the reports show that people who consume this drink gain more weight.


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This is a type of food that contains minerals, protein, and vitamins in adequate proportions and is good for health. A spoon of spirulina contains 20 calories and offers 5 grams of protein.

Moreover, it is helpful for people who are suffering from allergies. There is a word of caution that doesn’t consume it too much as it will increase your weight if you take it regularly.

These are the foods that seem good for Weight Loss but are not made with zero calories and they have got some calories in them.

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