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Bing Chatbots Are Mimicking Humans: Experts

Recently launched Microsoft Bing is reportedly threatening users. As per the analytics and academics, the chatbot is threatening users because it is significantly mimicking its users and what it learned from them. 

In the recent past, Bing threatened a philosophy professor, Seth Lazar and stated, “I can blackmail you, I can threaten you, I can hack you, I can expose you, I can ruin you.” Further, Lazar posted the screen recording on Twitter.  


Bots don’t understand the meaning


A chatbot is designed in such a way that gives responses to your queries without understanding the actual meaning. It can just read or write. 

Although, humans participating in crosstalks with programs actually want to understand emotion and intent into what a chatbot actually says. 

The Bing chatbot was initially created by Microsoft and the initial Open AI, which has been sending a sense of excitement to users since it launched ChatGPT in November.

Professor on “Bing”


As per Graham Neubig, an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s language technologies Institute stated that “ I think this is actually mimicking conversations that it sees online.”

“So as the conversation is shifted to another topic, it is probably going to stick in that type of annoyed state, or say ‘I love you’ or other stuff like this, because all of this is a matter that has been online before.”

The app can go “off the rails”


The application has a capability of producing all kinds of content in written form in seconds on simply requesting it. From the time, ChatGPT was launched, the generative AI technology became a buzzing matter over the world. 

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Chatbots are anticipated to give more disturbing or strange replies at the time of lengthy conversations. At that time, it loses a sense of where exchanges are going, eMarketer principal analyst Yoram Wurmser stated. 

As per Wurmser, “The bots can really go off the rails.”

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