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Bing and Edge now available on mobile devices!!

Microsoft is here with its new announcement about the preview releases of the Bing, a web search engine along with Edge, a cross platform web browser that are now ready to set their foot in mobile, which will be powered by AI-chat. 

Microsoft launched its AI-powered Bing along with Microsoft Edge a couple of weeks ago. Since then, one million people belonging from 169 countries have witnessed its preview. 


Among those people, about 71% of them gave a green signal and positive feedback about  the all new web browser. 

After the web browser is launched in the form of a Bing mobile app, users can ask their questions to get desired results as the other browsers do. The very important thing is, the users can get the answers according to their need as bullet points, text or simplified answers. 

The All New Bing Mobile App


Bing mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. In the app, you can see a chat feature through which you will be able to ask questions and then get answers. 

You can choose the way you want the answers and work on the chat experience to get better results. The mobile application comes with a voice search option through which you can search naturally and have the results. 

If you go for the preview option, then you will be able to use the new browser on Microsoft Edge mobile application’s homepage. 

Bing For Skype


Interestingly, Bing will also be launched for Skype. With this new feature, you will be able to add Bing to any group and then you can simply ask it to give information to the whole group. 

For instance, you can ask the AI for project suggestions, maps, go live on anything and then everyone in the group can see the results. The browser from microsoft has simplified users’ choices by giving the answers in bullet points, text or a simple response. 

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Microsoft may launch the browser to other apps in the coming future such as teams, Powerpoint and many others.

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