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A Railway Station In Bihar Is A Coaching Centre To Shape Young Minds

A Railway Station In Bihar Is A Coaching Centre To Shape Young Minds: You will see a general animated crowd, which is inside and outside, If you ever visit Sasaram railway station in Rohtas district, Bihar. However, in the morning and evening for every two hours, the platforms 1 and 2 see a change in the normal state of affairs.

Sasaram Railway Station
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The platform turns into a coaching center for young candidates preparing to crack different competitive entrance exams.

sasaram station preparation for exam
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You will find groups of youth generations over their reading material and may be involved in animated discussions.

As per the Telegraph, about 1,200 students gather on stage every evening from remote areas of Rohtas.

Visiting the station on any day in the mornings and evenings, and you will see a large number of aspirants preparing to crack various competitive and entrance exams in a study group, which is known as Quiz.

teaching at sasaram station
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It all initiated from the year 2002 when small groups of students started gathering to study at Sasaram railway station. It was the only place in the district where electricity was available throughout the day.

Many far-reaching villages of Rohtas are still deprived of electricity. However, according to some, it is no longer the power shortage or lack of electricity which attracts a large number of young dreamers, but the enthusiasm does!

In conversation with Business line, Kunal – a member of the ‘Quiz Community’, said that the high success rate is what attracts the aspirants from all around Rohtas.

students preparing for exam at sasaram
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Besides current affairs, mathematics, reasoning, and language, the students are also prepped to face job interviews. Great, isn’t it?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are no paid teachers. Teachers from nearby institutions volunteer to teach the students.

Also, senior students regularly visit the station and coach other students, especially those who are mostly from economically weaker sections of society.

railway station in Bihar
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Santosh, a regular officer of the coaching center, told the Business Line that students have to pay a nominal charge of only ₹3 for 100 questions. Wow, Can I Get There? Don’t you think so? I Do!

bihar railway station
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Railway officials have always collaborated with the students and they ensure this place to be neat and clean and also make sure, not to disturb anyone.

In fact, according to the report of The Telegraph, in 2017, Patna’s Superintendent of Rail Police, Jitender Mishra, played a good Samarine and provided identity cards to over 500 regulars of Quiz.

As per the report published by INDIA TODAY, a high number of IAS officers are born every year in Bihar. And this initiative at the railway station in Bihar is a true hard work of crossing many obstacles as these students are on the way of preparing their own inspirational success stories.

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