Biggest technical Myths You hear All The Time But Are Absolutely False


    Seems like day by day technology evolve and blow our minds, but there are some technical myths that we believe. But I am here to break down such big technical myths which should no longer be believed.

    Here are some of the top technical myths floating around out there that aren’t true

    Apple computers are immune to the virus

    Apple lovers have a myth that Apple computers are virus proof. However, there are no computers in the world that are free from virus. So still if you buy apple computer just because it is virus free then change your mind.

    Browsing in incognito Hides Your IP

    Many of us think that browsing in the incognito mode will not show your IP address. Well, this is not true it’s just a myth. Browsing in private mode means, the browser won’t record your history.

    Worldwide web and internet are same things

    Many of us think that www and internet are same things but this is not true. Both of them are different things. Internet means a network of networks. Additionally, it just like a platform to connect networks across the world.

    You can charge your phone from any charger

    Sometimes you lost your charger, or it gets damaged. After getting damaged, the charger should be replaced. At this time people should require to go to the company and buy the original charge of the phone, but they end up buying budget-friendly chargers. But they can bring damage to your phone and can also ruin your battery life.

    More signal bars more the signal strength

    People think signal strength will be good according to the numbers of the bars on your phone. The bars don’t show the signal strength it shows that if you are under the range of the signal towers. But signal strength relies on signal towers but not t shows your network strength.

    Megapixels defines the quality of an image

    It’s so common myth people have that more the camera megapixels better the camera. But, more megapixels means more pixels in the photo.  This is not the only thing that makes any camera better but the camera lens also plays a major role in good camera quality.

    Overcharging damages your phone battery

    So many people may tell you to not overcharge your phone this destroy your battery pick up.  But it is just a myth as the cell phone can stop receiving power when the battery is full.

    So that it is. I bet you were not aware of these tech myths. So, share this with your family and friends to let them know about these myths.