5 Best Resorts For People Who Can’t Afford DeepVeer’s Italy Wedding

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    Best Resorts For Wedding: Feeling jealous seeing Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh wedding photos? Don’t worry at all! Here’s a quick look at the budget destination wedding across India wherever you’ll be hosting the celebrations without pressurizing your pocket.

    A wedding is known to be the heavenly bond in the mankind, Especially in Indian religion. And it’s like the cherry on top when you have a perfect destination wedding.

    Here’s the list of top Wedding Resorts

    1. Sula Vineyards, Nasik

    Sula Vineyards, Nasik
    Via: Sula Vineyards

    Sula Vineyards is full of good vineyards which will result in nice Instagram photos. It has an expansive amphitheater for wedding functions. It additionally has a superb in-house wine assortment. What else would you need?

    2. Namah, Nainital

    Namah, Nainital
    Via: wedmegood.com

    Is it your wish to marry at a National park? Well, this surely come true in Namah at the Jim Corbett park in Uttarakhand which is an apt place for you. It’s one of the best destination wedding places in India.

    The location is on the banks of Kosi watercourse. It includes a giant dance hall which will accommodate three hundred guests and wonderfully polished lawns.

    3. Ananta, Udaipur

    Ananta, Udaipur
    Via: anantahotels.com

    Ananta in Udaipur bombast gazebos (pavilion), associate amphitheater, and offers an excellent view of Aravalli range. The venue is boosting across seventy-five acres of land.

    4. Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Manesar

    Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Manesar
    Via: blog.shaadiwala.in

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    This Rajasthani-themed dining house is good for a small budget. It’s surrounded by greenness and the place gives you a perfect picturesque location. The outer space is intense on 45,000 sq. feet and it can be used for rituals like pheras and various wedding functions.

    5. Madhuban Resort & Spa, Gujarat

    Madhuban Resort & Spa, Gujarat
    Via: cntraveller.in

    Madhuban Resort & Spa in Gujarat is spread over twenty-two acres of green surroundings and has amenities like suites with jacuzzis. They even have special services like night bazaars and sweetness treatments. Isn’t that sound great?

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