Best Out Of Waste! Creative Ways To Reuse Old Clothing

DIY is in trend and from clothes to home decor, everyone is going DIY instead of wasting so much money on buying items or clothes that won’t last a year. Many outfits in our wardrobe don’t even get a chance to come out of the closet. Whereas other lose their colors with time or fabric get torn.

Throwing them or donating them to the needy is the only option. Well, donating for a good cause is nice idea but if you are planning to throw your old shirts and jeans, Wait!

Don’t throw an old shirt or jeans when it doesn’t fit you and buy a new outfit. It would be a waste of money. Turn the old shirts either yours or your partner’s into a skirt or a full dress at home. All you need is a little inspiration. Here are DIY hacks to reuse the old clothing and make out something useful from them.

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Go Creative, Go Fashionable With Old Clothing

Shirt To Skirts

Take any old shirt, chop off from the mid, secure an elastic band to the cut portion, and sew it. Your skirt is ready.


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In case you don’t want to stitch, just twist. Try this DIY shirt hack for a trendy outfit.

Jeans To Skirts

Can’t fit into old denim, don’t try; turn it into a knee length skirt. Here’s a quick tutorial to transform your old jeans:

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Jeans DIY

Shirt Cushions

It doesn’t have to an outfit all the time, your old shirt can transformed into cushion like these:


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Make cute cushions with the shirt of your choice. You can even do embroidery on the cushions for more classy look.

Dress To Cardi

There are so many dresses in our wardrobe that never get a chance to get out of the closet. May be the color, print, or even size doesn’t fit to you. No worries, transform unfit dress into cardi.

Cut it short till the waist line and run a scissor from the bottom mid-section to the neck line. Sew the edges to hide the uneven borders and you are done.

So, next time you think of throwing or donating the outfits that doesn’t fit anymore try recycling them.



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