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Read For A Change: 7 Best Inspirational Books To Unlock The Potential In You

Whether you are a bookworm or not, reading the best inspirational books once in a while is necessary to challenge your perception of life. Because sometimes we are so much caught up in ourselves that we can’t hear the voice of others, and we continue to struggle. It’s when books become the best mirror and friend who help us look into ourselves.

They are the keys of wisdom that opens our mind, let us see life from a different angle, and clear the clouds of confusion. But it begins with the most difficult part- Finding A Right Book.

We are here to help with that, go through our list of most inspirational books for all time for the needed guidance.

Best Inspirational Books To Read For A Better And Happy Life

#1. The 5 Second Rule

best inspirational booksProcrastination is the biggest obstacle that prevents one’s growth and overcoming it is difficult without strong willpower. Mel Robbins’s ‘The 5 Second Rule’ helps you break this chain of procrastination and self-doubt.

#2. Girl Stop Apologizing

most inspirational books of all time

If you also feel that whatever happening around is your fault and apologizing for the things you didn’t do will save your relationship. Stop it now!

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It degrades your value, emotions, and beliefs. Gradually apologizing will become your habit and you’ll feel trapped in self-doubt- an obvious thing that happens with women. Rachell Hollis’s “Girl Stop Apologizing” will give you the much-needed motivation and inspiration to look through a different lens.

#3. The Art Of Happiness

best motivational books

Struggling with happiness? Must-read this book written by a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The author of this book is Dalai Lama who has brought his teachings along with Howard C. Cutler, a psychiatrist.

The main purpose of this book is to enlighten you, instill spiritual habits, and inculcate humbleness in readers. All these lead to happiness that comes from within and doesn’t depend on materialistic things. So, don’t just read but practice his teachings as well.

#4. Wings Of Fire

best motivational books

One of the most inspirational books of all time is by the honorable late president of India- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Learn from his life, hardships, and his secret to go through the challenges of life to fulfill your dreams.

#5. Man’s Searching For Meaning

Man’s Searching For Meaning

Nobody wants to suffer and yet everyone is going through the pain. Some can easily overcome the hardships while others accept it as their fate and continue to struggle. Pain is never written in fate, it’s something people choose because they don’t know how to overcome.

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If you are one among those, Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s book will help you find the way. The book discusses the difficult survival of those at Nazi camps. This is one of the best motivational books you’ll ever find.

#6. Mindset: The New Psychology For Success

Mindset_ The New Psychology For Success

What’s the secret of success? Mindset is everything. The way we think and see the world molds our perception which ultimately affects our decisions in life. And one with a fixed mindset always loses to someone with a growth-oriented mindset because you are not ready to change. But remember changes change you.

Carol Dweck will teach you how to develop this kind of mindset and use your abilities and skills to achieve your goal. Almost every student and professionals should read this inspirational book.

#7. The Gifts Of Imperfection

best motivational books

At some point in time, we all feel unworthy, less valuable, not smart enough than others, and think we would not achieve anything in life. We see ourselves as imperfect and look for constant validation lack of which further lowers our motivation.

Nobody is perfect and we don’t have to be. The Gifts of Imperfection is all about accepting ourselves, grow through self-doubt, see our worth, and how to use our imperfections to achieve our goals. Brene Brown has written one of the most needed and best motivational books for students.

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These were the 7 best inspirational books everyone should read to unleash self-confidence and discover themselves. A new life is waiting for you, all you need is to open the doors of your mind to which these motivational books are the key.

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