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This is the app you’ll need on Valentine’s Day if you are still single!

It’s February and if you are still single and unhappy with your pictures on social media, there’s a new photo application that can help you ease your agony.

A Korean app, called SOVS (short for SomeOne Very Special), is the one thing you’ll need. You will need to ask strangers to take your pictures and be sure they will be perfect.

You hand over your phone to a stranger to take a picture of you and often end up with unflattering pictures. This is where SOVS comes into the picture, literally.

The app allows you to choose from a number of poses which are basically white outlines in which all that your stranger has to do is fit you while taking the picture. As The Verge reports, the outlines can either appear in the captured photo or can be used as a guide while capturing.

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This app is right now only for iOS users. The SOVS app costs 99 cents and is dedicated to solo shots. The SOVS2 is a free version and comes with poses for group photos

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