Best Back Pain Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Back pains can be really disturbing as they hinder in your day to day activities. Sometimes the pain gets so unbearable that it compels you to take a day off from work. The busy life and improper sitting habits contribute to the growing problem of back pain. Almost every individual has gone through it.

Back Pain
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It is not advisable to take medicines for every small pain in your body. There are some exercises which can help in soothing your back pain.

Try These Simple And Effective Exercises And See The Difference

Take a few minutes and stretch your body, and then start the exercises. The stretching will loosen the muscles and avoid any jerks in your body.

1. Neck Bend And Rotation

Neck Exercise
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This simple yet effective exercise is great to get rid of your pain. Stand or sit in one direction and then start bending your neck sideways. You should be able to feel the stretch from neck to your trap muscles. Further, do the anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation. Take a gap of 10 seconds between every rotation.

Repetition: Repeat the sequence for about 10-12 times.

2. Shoulder Roll

Shoulder Roll

As we have started from the neck section, lets gradually move downwards towards your back. The shoulder roll exercise is yet another proven exercise to extract your pain. Stand with your arms sideward and start rolling your shoulders. Repeat the procedure clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Repetition: 2-3 times

3. Overhead Arm Reach

Chair exercise
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Sit on a chair facing on your front. Raise your arm above your head and try to bend it towards the other side. Feel the stretch in your right lat and shoulder from your torso.

Repetition: Repeat 5 times with one hand and then move towards the other.

4. Chair Rotation

Chair rotation
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Sit on a chair sideways, suppose you sit on your left. Keep your legs resting and try to rotate your torso to the right. Try to move just your upper body by holding your chair and feel the movement on your upper body.

Repetition: Hold on for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise for 3 times.

5. Cat-Cow

cat cow
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For this exercise, take a mat and make a cat position with your arms and legs. Now your palms should be under your shoulder and knees directly under your hips. When you inhale squeeze your pelvis and stomach making a curve inwards. When you exhale release your back.

Repetition: Repeat the exercise with a proper sequence for 5 times.

6. Knee To Chest

Knee To Chest
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The next exercise is for lower back pain. Lie down on a mat and try to toiuch your knee to your chest. You can hold on for the grip. You can also watch any back pain exercise video for further clarity.

Repetition: Repeat the whole sequence with each leg 3 times.

7. Thoracic Extension

Thoracic Extension
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The thoracic extension is a great Lower back exercise. Just sit on a chair little bend towards backwards and open your arms above your head. Lie down on your thoracic spine and then perform this exercise.

You can also lightweight dumbbells to perform this lower back exercise.

Repetition: Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 3 times.

8. Reverse Dumbbell Fly 

dumbbell reverse fly
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Stand and divide your legs according to your shoulder distance and then bend at 45 degrees. Open your arms with lightweight dumbells in each hand. Now in that bending stretch out your arms outwards.

Repetition: Do three repetitions with 12 counts.

9. Superman

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Lay down on the mat stretch your arms and extend them above your head. Keep your head down and lift your legs and hands concurrently.

Repetition: Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

10. Row

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Grab a stable surface like a chair or a bench and use a medium-sized dumbbell to complete this back exercise. Bend a 45 degree and keep your head neutral. Now slowly pull up the dumbbell and then take it down.

Repetition: Do 12 counts in one go. Take 3 repetitions.

These exercises are effective and will reduce the pain you are going through. If you still don’t feel any relief then do consult a doctor.


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