Benefit of Eating 3 Dates a Day

Dates or Khajoor are a fruit of the date palm tree grown in the Western countries of the world. It is a delectable fruit perfect for consumption at any hour of the day. Being rich in nutrients and fibers, it is perfect super food for the sweet tooth and health conscious people out there. This article will highlight how you can improve your health ad life just by consuming just three dates a day.

1. Improves Digestion :-


Being rich in fiber and vitamins, dates aid in improving the digestion process to a great extent. It prevents constipation by ensuring regular bowel movements in the process. It is also beneficial in reducing and controlling the blood sugar levels thus preventing water retention in the body. Many researches have proved that dates are a good supplement to lower gastric problems as well. Its daily consumption is highly recommended by the dieticians around the world.

2. Loaded with Nutrition and Anti-Oxidants:-


Researches have proved that dates have nutrient levels equivalents to dry fruits and are a great source of anti-oxidants. It is rich in Vitamin B6 that boosts serotonin and norepinephrine hormones responsible for reducing stress levels and regulating blood in the body. Dates help keep the gut healthy ultimately improving individual’s mood.

3. Fight Microbial Infections and Prevents Diseases:-


Dates are rich in flavonoids and Carotenoids, which is helpful in reducing any sort of inflammation or other bacterial infections. The super food also reduces the risk of diabetes and certain cancers as it controls the level of glycemic index and prevents and tumor formation in the body. With its regular consumption, one can easily avoid the risk of many congenital disorders and diseases like Anemia and Alzheimer.

4.Excellent Supplement of Refined Sugar:-


Dates are a natural source of fructose with infinite health benefits. It is a nutritious, rich in fibers and vitamins and is also a good source of anti-oxidants thus thousand times better for consumption in comparison to sugar. So, if you are looking for a substitute of sugar, jump to including dates in your meals immediately. Bet it, you would love the idea!

5. Improves Bone Strength :-


Dates contain boron, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, copper and magnesium, crucial for building strong and healthy bones. It also improves the muscular function and breathing process thus, boosting the overall body functioning.

6. Aids in Weight Loss and Management :-


Being loaded with fibers and its nutrient rich benefits, dates are a good choice to reduce hunger levels and be full for long time to avoid over eating. It is also helpful in maintaining the blood sugar levels and controlling sugar cravings. Since it is a rich source of anti-oxidants, it helps clean the toxins from the body resulting in high metabolism and energy levels. If consumed in moderation under the guidance of the dietician, it is definitely a beneficial fruit aiding in weight loss.

It is undeniable to say that dates are a good choice to add color and fibers to your plate and improve your lifestyle at the end. Next time, you feel the cravings to eat something sweet, try it and move a step forward towards a happy and healthy life.

khushboo sadani
Khushboo is pursuing her Masters' degree in English from Bhopal. She is a person who believes in turning every single moment of my life into something constructive and fruitful. With a slice of painter and dash of an avid reader, she takes challenges and surprises what life and destiny astonishes her with courage. She believes in living the life to the fullest by finding happiness in small moments.

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