Being Independent In Love Is Key To A Healthy Relationship

The real feeling of being in love is unmatched, but often partners become co-dependent and don’t know ways to be more independent. Thus, they feel lost in a relationship and eventually lose their partner as well.

But one should genuinely believe the saying- Don’t lose yourself pleasing others(especially in love). Thus, feel your importance and if you struggle with self-identity in a relationship, then read this.

Here are some points that one must follow in a relationship, if not all then at least most of them.

Ways To Be More Independent In Love


ways to be more independent

When you have a job, you feel valued. Financial independence matters most in a relationship. It’s not the old century and the same society that believes girls should stay at home and depend on their partner for money.

Today’s women are more focused and career-oriented, which makes them less dependent on their partner. So, think about what you want to achieve in your career life and work hard for that. It will give you a sense of being independent and also make your partner proud. Most men love women who are serious about their career or financially independent.

Girls! Get serious about your career.

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Be Responsible

being an independent woman in relationship

Usually, what people in love think that their happiness depends on their partner. But, that’s a myth and misconception. Nobody can be entirely responsible for other’s happiness. So, erase this myth from your mind and be responsible for your smile.

Only you can make yourself feel good and not others. If you are not happy about your feelings and life, then nobody on this earth can make you feel good. Your opinions are your responsibilities, so take it seriously.

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Your Friends Matter

ways to be more independent

Often in love, one of the partners starts moving away from friend circles. They think that distancing from others will make them close to their partner. That’s again, wrong. Even if you two share familiar friends, you don’t have to distance yourself from them for your partner’s sake.

You can go out with your friends (even from the opposite gender) without spoiling your relationships. It’s only a matter of trust and confidence that your partner does and if not, then the relationship is not worth continuing. After all, friendship is better than love.


ways to be more independent

The relationship can be stressful sometimes, especially at the time of misunderstanding and lack of communication. Thinking about those issues will make it more stressful and may spoil the whole thing.

But if you have your hobbies, then you can divert your mind and do something productive. Being an independent woman in a relationship also means that you appreciate your liking and follow your passion. Don’t stop doing things you love for the sake of others. Keep your heart young through your hobbies. Share it with your partner to bring life to your boring relationship.

Your Belief Matters

ways to be more independent

Everyone has their own beliefs about love and life. Maybe you and your partner have contradictory ideas, that’s okay. You two have the right to stick to your core beliefs and disagree with others. This is also one of the ways to be more independent.

However, when the time is tough, you may have to agree with them just to save your relationship. That to be sometimes when you are wrong. But having your own core beliefs is a way of being an independent woman in a relationship.

“No” Has Power

Many in love, forget the importance of NO. Some always expect YES from their partner (especially girls) without knowing their consent. This kind of expectation kills a self-identity in a relationship. Thus, one feels used and exhausted, trying to make it work. No need to do this, learn to say NO.

You don’t have to do things as per your partner for their happiness. Keep a balance and say NO if you don’t like doing things they ask. On the other hand, you should also be ready to accept when your partner refuses to do something for you. Ignoring your own needs and focussing only on one creates co-dependency, therefore learn how to be independent in a relationship.

Love Yourself

Self-love is the most important when it comes to a relationship. Respect for who you are even if others hate you for that. Know your self-worth and never let anyone hurt it even if it’s your partner that doesn’t respect or value you. Loving yourself will make you less dependent on others for being happy.

These seven ways to be more independent will not only let you realize who you are but also nourish your relationship.

So, be yourself in love.

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