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Beijing Hits Monitory Tone On Protests In Hong Kong

The Senior official of China looking after Hong Kong’s matters revealed on Saturday that objections are not the only way for a person to show their views after many weeks of the city’s harsh dissent rules triggered off controversy at the time of indicating Beijing’s views for the financial hub.

The director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Xia Baolong, revealed that the movement of opposition triggered by a deportation bill in 2019, is a mark that will not go away.

Also, he alerted against a repetition of such havoc, The Associated Press wrote.

The Comment Of Xia

Hong Kong

The comment of Xia at an event over China’s National Security Education Day signaled Beijing’s remarks over the city, which is publicizing its comeback to normal after the strict pandemic-associated restrictions and political confusion in the last three years. 

Hong Kong, an ex-British colony, came back to Chinese rule in 1997 and was guaranteed it can keep its Western-style civil liberties complete for 50 years after the delivery. 

However, with the passing of a Beijing-executed national security law after the 2019 protests, a lot of activists were sent to jail or hushed in between a crackdown on the city’s pro-democracy movement. 

Massive protests were also rare under the stern COVID-19 laws.

Hong Kong And Its First Protest

Hong Kong

At the end of March, Hong Kong witnessed its first authorized protest against a government law since the raising of major pandemic limitations under remarkably stern laws, with demonstrators made to wear numbered badges on their necks

That lighted a debate on the corrosion of freedom of gathering. 

“Demonstrations are not the only way to show one’s interests and demands,” Xia revealed on Saturday, highlighting that there is no disagreement between protecting national integrity and showing one’s views

Experiences before this have demonstrated that roots focused on environmental protection and livelihood problems can swiftly be hacked, he revealed. 

Hong Kong

“Person’s goodwill can swiftly be used and operated by others with secondary motives,” he revealed. Demands on livelihood problems can even be twisted into political problems that in the end trigger social conflicts.

He said a conflictual society gets no future, calling on Hong Kong to set up a climate for rational communication. 

“I anticipate Hong Kong can throw exhibitions, makeup revolution, and technology, attempt for economic setup, have horse races, dances, stock activities and get some money each and every day,” he revealed.

Xia also explained 2019 opposes Hong Kong’s model of “color innovation” and said the city can not permit its district councils to be dominated by anti-China and “undermining” forces. 

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