Some beauty myths that you should be aware of!


    Learn the truth regarding the beauty myths as you’ll save time and money while looking stunning. Some are the hacks we listen from our mother, some through friends, and others through the social media. But some beauty myths are just the Myths itself! Next time you go through these myths, just see to overcome these.

    Beauty Myth 1: Never put oil on oily skin


    Oil-prone skin not only requires hydration but by adding oil, the skin can help to produce less oil for long periods of time. Beauty experts say that “When people with oily skin use a cleaner that removes all the natural oils, then the skin will become more effective by generating more oil.” Add a little oil and the opposite will be there.

    Beauty Myth 2: Cutting your hair will make it grow faster and thicker



    Hair experts suggest that your follicle is not aware of the fact that when you cut down your hairs and when not. That is, in turn, means to say, If you really need to grow your hair fast? Then don’t cut them, just take care of them.

    Beauty Myth 3: Waxing makes more hair growth


    While you can think that every time you do shave or wax, your hair becomes thick, this is not the case. For our delightful surprise, the hair appears only small and slightly stubborn, so it actually looks fat in the middle of the waxing or shaving.

    Beauty Myth 4: If you only use hot tools on your hair once in a while, you don’t need heat protecting spray

    During the summer, we are more relaxed about using a heat style tool to experiment our hairs. Even if you use the heat styling tool on your hair not very often, then also you should use the heat protect spray every time you use it.

    Beauty Myth 5: Wearing makeup every day is not good for your skin


    While doing loads and loads of makeup, your face can be clumsy for the skin, wearing make-up does not constantly worsen your skin. Approved, but no makeup day means not looking that great; the real damage to skin is not constantly washing your makeup (this means leaving your makeup for the whole night).

    Beauty Myth 6: With certain hair products your split ends will go

    Although they cannot be avoided, we can’t completely remove them. The oil and serum are widely known for improving the condition, called split ends but the real solution for split ends are “haircut”.

    Beauty Myth 7: Filing your nails can be done in any direction you want

    Always file your nails in the same direction whether it is right to leave or from left to right. This will result in faster and longer growth of nails. Filing from both directions at the same time on a nail can cause breaking of nails and peeling.

    Beauty Myth 8: Your shampoo once gets familiar with your hair, it will no longer perform

    It is excellent changing hair products, you use it every little time, but it is “not at all necessary”. If your hair is still flat, dry or damaged after the continuous use of a specific shampoo, please do not blame the shampoo! Generally, the problem is due to the manufacture of the product from, serum, hairsprays, oil and other stuff.
    If this happens, try simplifying shampoo once per week and continue with regularly scheduled shampoos.