21 Most Beautiful birds around the world to shock you with their beauty


    The most beautiful bird in the world is… Does anyone know? Or who could possibly answer this question? I guess it is nobody, because, a majority of birds in this world are just so mesmerizing. However, some species certainly have attractive features that can leave the rest behind.

    Here’s a list of the world’s 21 most beautiful birds.

    1. The Golden Pheasant Bird

    Credit: wikia.nocookie.net

    These blazing birds are inhabitants of western China. Their neck side encircles an orange shade which actually provides a purpose: when it is time to find a partner, then a male will spread his cape like a fan to show off or flaunt his beautiful colors.

    2. The Quetzal Bird

    Credit: blogspot.com

    Forests of Central America is home to the Quetzal species. An odd variety of feathers is not the only thing they possess but they do have weird hair and hairs and also they have a healthy desire for food; in short foodie. From lizards, insects, small creatures, and even fruits, they are just ready to eat everything.

    3. Rainbow Lorikeet Bird

    This intensely hued parrot looks like an artist has shown his brushing skills. Rainbow Lorikeets are often seen along the eastern coast of Australia and also found in the Austrian and American region. They prefer hanging in rainforests, woodland areas, and coastal bush. By drinking fermented nectar, they can also become drunk ones.

    Credit: squarespace.com

    4. The Kingfisher Bird

    As their name indicates, Kingfishers are skillful fishers. Kingfishers can eat a wide variety of foods besides fish, the credit goes to their large, strong bills. Other than fishes they prey on frogs, insects, crabs, rats, lizards, and even other birds. When they hunt, they usually sit on a high point and wait to see the prey. Once the victim is spotted, a Kingfisher will bring it back to its peak and kill it.

    5. Keel-Billed Toucans Bird

    These birds are indigenous to Belize. They are known for their colorful bills, which come in a wide range of bright colors. Their glittering body is not the only quality they have: they are known for their fearless nature because they wait quietly for the most severe storms.

    6. Bohemian Waxwing

    Credit: cloudfront.net

    Bohemian Waxwing can be recognized by a specific tuft (a bunch of feathers, grass, or hair etc.) which can be seen at the top of his head. Nevertheless, this bird at first glance may not strike you but a close inspection shows a wonderful mix of gray, rose, yellow and black colors that blend beautifully. The body of Bohemian Waxwing is usually found in gray color, but it has rose-colored feathers in its face whereas its tail has a bright yellow tip.

    7. Painted Bunting Bird

    Credit: wildsouthflorida.com

    Gender is the deciding factor in this. The Painted Bunting comes with different colorful wings. The female claims to have different colors of olive green throughout the body, while the male is fascinated by a very different color pattern in which the red on the chest, blue on the head, green on the upper wings, and yellow on the shoulders. Once you catch the glimpse of this short flight rainbow, you will find it difficult to look elsewhere.

    8. Green Wing Macaw Parro Bird

    Credit: pinimg.com

    Green Wing Macaw Parro is often found in forests and green lands. It is a lovable parrot which is known for its revealing yellow eyes.

    9. Hyacinth Macaw Bird

    Credit: wildrepublic.com

    Hyacinth Macaw is the native of America and some parts of Africa. The weight of this bird varies from 2 to 3 kg. In the United States, when it is sold the price of it reaches $ 1,000 or more.

    10. Hoopoe Bird

    Wonderful pattern arrangement of feathers on the head of the Hoopoe bird makes it famous as it resembles with a crown. This feathered animal is already listed as an extinct species.

    11. Bali Bird of Paradise

    Credit: blospot.com

    It is so common to see these Birds of Paradise in the films. This is because they live in the unreachable parts of the rainforest, which makes it hard to capture them.

    12. Atlantic Puffin Bird

    Credit: paperlief.com

    This bird species of Atlantic Puffin finds its food in some marine organisms such as squid and crustaceans. It is best known for its bright colored bills.

    13. African Crowned Crane Bird

    African Crowned Crane is one of the most beloved birds in Savannah of Africa. Although they are often seen in the southern part of the Sahara desert, they love cold and wet living habitats.

    14. Blue Jay Bird

    Often in the woods, these Blue Jays are found. They are known to be the domineering species for other small birds, chasing them through the tree.

    15. Broad-Billed Hummingbird

    Credit: blogspot.com

    Broad-Billed Hummingbird is an appealing bird with a bright blue color that spreads from its neck area to the stomach.

    16. Dusky Lory Bird

    Credit: staticflickr.com

    The Dusky Lory is a regional species in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. It has a greater talking potential when compared to other parrots,

    17. Scarlet Tanager Bird

    Credit: cloudfront.net

    The male Scarlet Tanager can be easily seen because of its bright red bodies, black wings, and tails, while the female is separated from the presence of yellow and olive color. Though it is small enough, this lovely bird is definitely quite visible, and it can be seen especially in the wild during the spring.

    18. Gouldian Finch Bird

    Credit: staticflickr.com

    Gouldian Finch allures with a random but profoundly impressive array of colors. You can expect different colors of blue, purple or light pink color on the bird’s chest, while its stomach and back are respectively in yellow and green colors. Other colors may include red, turquoise, black and olive, each found in different parts of Gouldian Finch’s body.

    19. Greater Bird of Paradise Bird

    Credit: iytimg.com

    This special big bird from New Guinea is the most beautiful in the world. The male species is primarily a maroon wing supplemented by a large black stain on the chest. The head is white, the face is green and the beak has a light blue color.

    20. The Northern Cardinal Bird

    Credit: celebrateurbanbirds.org

    If you are in their home then you can never miss an opportunity to find North Cardinal. Their hot red wings and wacky, pointed crests will catch eyes of anyone. They also keep their red plumage (feathers covering a bird) in the winter. In the summer, they are whistle fans in the morning.

    21. Baltimore Oreole Bird

    Credit: audubon.org

    Baltimore Oreole is a beautiful colorful bird in which there are bright hues of orange or yellow feathers on the basis of gender. The male species is an orange one, while the female show off a light yellow shade. However, both of them show the same black bars on their wings for the opposite wings, and they are equally extravagant to see both.