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Beast Movie Review: Vijay Turns On the Beast Mode, Delivers Fun-Filled Action in Style

Beast movie review: Vijay’s most-awaited black-comedy action thriller has gone through so much even before its release but it did not dim the audience’s love for the South Super Star. As per media reports, the film will earn somewhere around 12 to 14 Crores on its opening day alone from TN.

Sounds good for a movie like this as Beast is totally different. Director Nelson Dilipkumar tried to satisfy both, the mass audience and Vijay, without introducing heroes in the traditional style. Let’s review the Beast and know whether it worked or not.

Beast Movie Review- The Story and Cast

beast movie review

Director- Nelson Dilipkumar

Cast- Vijay, Pooja Hegde

The story of the beast movie is very simple yet interesting. A group of terrorists attack a mall in the city and captive everyone who was inside the building and put a demand in front of the government. You can easily guess what it could be.

Here comes the real punch, the hero that is Vijay is already inside the mall. Guess who he is? Vijay as Veera Raghwan is a former Raw agent. One can easily figure out how the story would go forward from here but not exactly as you expected. It’s not full of bloodshed, instead, you will laugh due to funny jokes and lighthearted comedy added to it.

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What We Loved About The Film

beast movie review

The movie shows the real self of Vijay as Veera Raghavan, he is shy and stoic. It goes exactly like he wanted the character to be, more like John Wick’s type of personality. Literally, a demon in the suit that seems scary but totally chill from inside.

And Vijay’s character uplifted his personality which will make you love him more. Pooja Hegde has done her part very well. Credit goes to Director Nelson, he added a silent comedy in such a situation where one is juggling between life and death.

beast movie review

Full marks to Nelson as he knows very well how to use an actor and his skills. Another challenge was to don’t bore the audience with the same location as the Beast movie is completely shot in a mall. This definitely gave a unique identity to the movie and an experience to star actor Vijay. Both proved a good film can be made even without a beautiful location. The two have worked together for the first time.

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Watch or Pass?

Overall, if you think about whether to watch Beast or not? The answer is to watch especially if you have never seen Vijay in action. The movie has very less space for music, something you can never expect from a movie with this type of background.

Still, Beast is fun! Watch the movie in theatres now.

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