12 Banned destinations that you can’t even think to visit!

    Banned Destinations

    Banned destinations that you can’t even think to visit: Considering the shocking rates of global expansion and technology development, it is impossible to imagine that there is also a shred of this planet which is still not discovered or explore yet.

    So there is a certain relaxation to know that even today, there are secrets that are not yet explored. Natural mysteries protected by human-made, protected structures from environmental science, many spots around the world are completely refusing to travel outside.

    There are islands that are brimming with vipers, extraterrestrial secrets, sealed mysteries of religion, stainless wildlife and the entire society which have not contacted the external world.

    Many of these places are still stuck in infiltration, while behind their closed doors. Other places are better understood, though there are still off-limits due to security, scientific or government regulations.

    While the temptation of not allowed and prohibition is evident, you will work hard to make your way through these 15 restricted places – and in many cases, maybe you will not.

    1. Snake Island, Brazil

    banned destinations Snake Island
    Via: chd.in

    About 93 miles away from the coast of São Paulo, Brazil is Ilha da Quimada Granda, also called Snake Island. What does this title say? Researchers have approximated that there are between one and five snakes per 10 square feet.

    Snakes, especially golden pierce heads, are famous for their poison, which literally breaks the flesh around its bite. Therefore you are not allowed to visit this place, may be a very good thing for you to not visit this snake island?

    2. Lascaux Caves, France

    Lascaux Caves, France
    Via: gotrekking.it

    In the adventure to discover the history of the human race, there is one magnificent place that gives immense vision.

    In southwestern France, the Lascocus caves are home to a series of amazing paleolithic paintings, which are estimated to be 20,000 years old. Paintings, plaster the walls of the cave, are very vivid, which show stags, cattle, bison, cats and many more.

    But the most alluring of all the paintings are found in the Hall of the Bulls, which is known for its four bull sketch, one of which is 17 feet long.

    But the sad part is that the caves have been prohibited as they have been encroached by fungi and black moth, both harmful to the health of humans. Also, the presence of humans is considered to be destructive to the works of artistry.

    3. Area 51, United States

    Area 51, United States
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    The field of a conspiracy theorist, Area 51 has made the public puzzled for decades. The hidden military base in the Nevada desert has kept its purpose secret for some time, although many people believe that it has been kept for foreign trials.

    4. North Sentinel Island, India

    North Sentinel Island India
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    On the North Sentinel Island, a small island in the Andaman chain in the Bay of Bengal, native residents have long been opposing the effects of the modern world.

    In fact, the islanders who live on the island deny communication with an outsider and are willing to be violent to protect their isolation.

    After the tsunami hit in 2004, when Indian Coast Guard flew an exploration mission to the island, reportedly, men emerged from the forests to shoot an arrow on the helicopter, which was not able to land.

    The protectors have live on the island for 60,000 years, and with the security of the Government of India – which prohibits any type of visitors – it has successfully opposed the anthropologists, officers/authorities, and tourists.

    5. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

    Ise Grand Shrine, Japan
    Via: rakuten.co.jp

    There is a holy place in Japan which estimates of up to 80,000 temples in the island nation. But no one is important compared to IS Grand Shrine, which is a complex temple which is the most expensive in the country when it comes to detailing its architecture.

    To symbolize the Shinto tradition of death and the renewal of nature, the temple is built every 20 years (on the value tag of one million dollars). The current recurrence was created in 2013. And until and unless you are a member of the Japanese royal family, there is no chance that you will enter the holy hall of this ancient, important representation of Japanese culture.

    6. Heard Island, Australia

    Heard Island, Australia
    Via: blog.csiro.au

    There are the ends of the earth, and then there is Heard Island. One of the world’s most distant islands, Heard Island is technically related to Australia but found somewhere between Madagascar and Antarctica.

    The island is known for its two active volcanoes, but for the most part, it is completely blanketed in ice. Seals, birds and four types of penguins are its inhabitants. However, humans are not allowed to travel, although landing on nearby McDonald’s islands is allowed entirely for “attractive scientific reasons”.

    7. Poveglia, Italy

    Poveglia, Italy
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    Poveglia Island is a small island between Venice and Lido in Northern Italy. Over the centuries, small islands are the major real estate for dumping the dead.

    The island became an isolation colony for the victims of the Bubonic plague in the 14th century. In the 19th century, Poveglia became a refuge for the area’s mentally ill, where there was a rumor that a brutal doctor used to experiment on the patients.

    Today the island is abandoned where ghosts once lived. Tourists and locals are banned from visiting this place unless you want to do a lengthy paperwork process. But since it is considered the most haunted place in Italy, it is likely to be the best.

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    8. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

    Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City
    Via: pontuali.com

    The secrets of religion are the most protected in the world and not much more than the Vatican archives. Hundreds of mysteries have remained a mystery in the letters, within the Vatican flocks, from an account of state papers to accounting.

    Fascism in the mid-20th century includes speculation about the evidence of the alleged contribution of demons, extraterrestrials, and even the church. Only today the highest qualified scholars and teachers are allowed in the Vault, and only after a very tough review.

    9. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China

    Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China
    Via: kidsdiscover.com

    Terra-Cotta warrior in Xi’an is one of the most important discoveries of all time.

    Reflecting ancient Chinese warriors filling the underground caves of China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang’s burial campus, thousands of unique, one-way lifelong sculptures but this site is one of China’s most prominent tourist attractions, but the tomb still remains a protected secret.

    The tomb will be sealed for the future because it is rumored that there are traps that protect it from the invaders. There is also a high concentration of mercury within the tomb which would be fatal to any person entering without proper caution.

    In this treasure, we have only one glimpse, which are 2,000 warriors who come in front of the public. Still, it is said that another 6,000 live within the tomb, as well as countless other treasures.

    10. North Brother Island, United States

    North Brother Island, United States
    Via: theghostinmymachine.com

    Sadly, the beautiful Northern Brothers Island is one of the many mysteries of New York City. North Brother Island is located on the eastern river between the Bronx and Riker Islands, this banned island was home to the Riverside Hospital in the 19th Century, where patients with tuberculosis, yellow fever, and smallpox diseases were isolated.

    Later, after World War II, the hospital was used to make the giants home, and as a treatment facility for drug addicts. In the early 1960s the hospital closed its doors, and since then it has been left to collapse from nature’s forces.

    Today, the island is closed to the public, because it acts as a nesting colony for black-crowned hawks.

    11. Niihau, United States

    Niihau, United States
    Via: hawaii.com

    Hawaii is a lovely pastime for island-hopping travelers. But if you think that you have traveled all the islands then think again.

    A mysterious island, Nihau, is the nickname “The Forbidden Island” and it is not extreme. Even its visibility is also hidden because it is the only way to catch a glimpse of it as if the sun sets on the Kekaha beach of Kui when its silhouette emerges.

    The island was owned by the only family for more than 150 years, and it has been restricted to the outside world. The only people who enjoy the pride of the island are its inhabitants, all of whom are the heir of people living there before buying the island in the 1860s.

    12. The Queen’s Bedroom, U.K.

    Queen Bedroom U.K
    Via: beenthere-donethat.org.uk

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    Buckingham Palace is not the only UK but also one of the top attractions in the world. Castle Queen’s official London residence, and has been the home of Britain’s monarchy since 1837.

    But when many palaces and palaces are available for public tours of the palaces, then one room is strictly forbidden: the queen’s bedroom, where her Majesty often resides.

    Surely, unless your name is Michael Fagan, who was able to break into the Queen bedroom in the 1980s, is one of the biggest safety violations of all time. In this act, he was involved in scaling a 20-foot wall and making himself a gutter – everything he could win the bet with some friends.