B2B Ecommerce Platform ‘ShopKirana’ Raises 10$Mn In Series B Funding

ShopKirana has hit the market as it successfully raised 10$ million in the Series B funding. The investment was made by the investors that included Info Edge, Incubate Fund, Akatsuki AET Fund, NPTK Emerging Asia Fund and Better Capital.

With the funding of 10$ million, the company has aimed to expand the business in 30 Tier-II cities. It has missioned itself to hit 1,200 crores by the end of the next year.

What Is ShopKirana?

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ShopKirana an Indore based startup that was funded by Tanutejas Saraswat, Deepak Dhanotiya, and Sumit Ghorawat in 2015. This B2B eCommerce startup has successfully connected the retailers with the brands/factories directly using a mobile app.

It helps retailers in generating better sales and keep less inventory. It is also a great option in buying things in real-time and keeping a track of the data through their mobile phones.

ShopKirana has more than 12,000 retailers on its platform.

ShopKirana CEO
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ShopKirana is building the foundation of ‘new retail’ in India and transforming Kirana stores that are central to everyday commerce for all of us. I am impressed with the playbook they’ve built and scaled across new cities at an incredible pace. I am looking forward to seeing ShopKirana power millions of Kirana stores in the years to come,” said Vaibhav Domkundwar, Founder and CEO of Better Capital.

Goal Of ShopKirana

ShopKirana works on the long term goal to help Indian retailers in improving their profits, product range, product availability, credits, inventory management and most importantly access to more customers.

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We are waiting for the company to hit the target it has set.


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