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Auto Expo 2023: Day 2 Live Updates!!

Auto Expo Day 2 has commenced and the most awaited upcoming vehicles will be unveiled here today. The Auto Expo is held at Auto Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Auto Expo 2023: Day 2 Begins

Hydrogen-fuel Powered MG EUNIQ 7

The first that comes out for the show is from MG Motors as it showcases its EUNIQ 7 hydrogen-fuel cell and its mileage is expected to range around 605km. The MG’s new car is powered up with  MG’s Prome P390 fuel-cell powertrain, which makes the car resist temperatures up to 824 degrees.

Maruti Suzuki Car Show Begins

Maruti launches its crossover SUV Fronx that will be retailed through Nexa dealerships. Color options available with Maruti Suzuki Jimny include Nexa Blue, Bluish Black, Sizzling Red, Sizzling Red with Bluish Black Roof, Pearl Artic White, Granite Grey, and Kinetic Yellow with Bluish Black Roof.

Auto Expo 2023

Maruti Suzuki 5-Door Jimny

Soon after the Maruti unveiled Fronx, they then refreshed the Auto Expo 2023 with their another Thar type SUV 5-door Jimny. Moreover, Maruti aims to replenish their SUV segment cars by FY23-FY24.

Auto Expo 2023
Maruti Suzuki

Auto Expo 2023: MG Motors 

MG Motors has showcased its all new hydrogen fueled Euniq 7.The MG Motors Luxury  will be loaded with hydrogen cell MPV and comes with a 605km range and 3-minute refueling time. As per the reports from the company, the only by product that the car will emit is H20 i.e. water.

Auto Expo 2023

Toyota Flagship SUV

Auto Expo 2023

Ashok Leyland Takes Part in Auto Expo 2023

Ashok Leyland comes with its all new commercial vehicles with electric engine and hydrogen fuel cell. The company is looking forward to run its future vehicles on eco-friendly terms lead towards the transformation in Road Transport Sector.

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