Australian FM Says Alliance With India In The Interest Of Smaller Nations

Marise Paynejan

Australian FM Says Alliance With India In The Interest Of Smaller Nations: On Wednesday, Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne said that Australia and India should join hands to work in the interest of smaller sovereign countries.

While delivering a speech at the Raisina Dialogue, Payne has underlined that Australia has shared interests with India on crime, terrorism, and environmental challenges.

She said that “In 2014, Australia and India conducted naval defense capabilities. Australia is engaging in close economic engagement with India. By 2035, India will be the major global economy in the world.”

Giving priority to the ‘Quad’, an alliance of four countries including India and Australia, Payne remarked, “Australia is a strong supporter of US support in Asia. Australia and India shall cooperate to work for smaller sovereign nations. Australia, India, US, and Japan have been working together in the form of Quad.”

She said that Australia will support connectivity in building quality infrastructure in South Asia, and also added that Canberra wanted to increase its cooperation with New Delhi in this regard.

Highlighting the commitment to powerful engagement with India and the Indian Ocean region, Payne went on to say that the two nations should co-operate to develop prosperous, stable, and sovereign relations.

Till January, the fourth Raisina Dialogue is underway and has around 600 delegates from 92 countries participating in around 50 hours worth of debates and discussion.

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