Watch: Australian couple grows cabbage almost as big as a man


If you love your veggies, you will also love what this Australian couple attained. It spins out that they dealt with to keep off bugs for more than nine months to grow a big cabbage almost as big as a person.

Rosemary Norwood with husband Sean Cadman, who reside in Jackeys Marsh worked to achieve this feat, reported CNN.

The couple set growing the giant vegetable in April last year at their eco-tourism guesthouse.

Speaking to CNN, Norwood claimed while it did not always succeed, she traced the success to “a good, wet spring, good rainfall, and hot weather in the early summer.” The couple also pruned nearby cabbages to allow the mammoth vegetable to grow at its own pace.

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The couple carried hungry pests like possums and wallabies out with a wire fence and had to put the cabbage under a fine net to block slugs and butterflies from raiding it. The cabbage ended up large enough to provide almost two weeks’ worth of food, they said.