Audi helps you avoid red lights by advising speeds


Audi is introducing the Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory (GLOSA) system that serves speed recommendations to assist you to avoid red lights.

Engadget reported, The system links your car’s position and traffic light data to advise you a standard speed on the vehicle’s machine cluster or heads-up display to assist you to save time by driving your car slightly slower and escape any red lights.

traffic light

The speed advises and Traffic Light Information (TLI) is feasible as part of an Audi Connect Prime feature on 2017 and fresher models outside of the A3 and TT.

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The feature is presently allowed only in certain areas including 13 urban regions in the US such as Denver, Houston, Dallas,  Gainesville, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Las Vegas,  New York (White Plains), Phoenix, Portland, Orlando, Washington, DC and  the San Francisco Bay Area (Palo Alto and Walnut Creek).